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Elevation Change

Marion Mauran
Marion Mauran, Cecily Mauran, Mitchell Block

The Pacific Crest Trail is 2,650 miles and connects Canada to Mexico, from Mt. Rainier to the Mojave Desert, in one continuous, tortuous footpath. 24 year-old Sam Fox plans to set a new speed record by running the trail in 60 days, averaging 44 miles each day. Why? To raise $250,000 for Parkinson’s research in honor of his mother, Lucy. Sam is confident he will reach both his goals easily, but his plan begins to fall apart when he injures his ankle after only a week. Meanwhile, legendary speed-hiker Scott Williamson, is already on the trail 17 days ahead of Sam, attempting a new record but for very different reasons. As these two men travel on their respective journeys along this epic trail, their parallel stories show how it’s not winning or losing but getting there that counts.

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