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The Empress

Nicole Lucas Haimes
Nicole Lucas Haimes; Executive Producers: Lori Cheatle, Ted Haimes, Jordan Allen

THE EMPRESS, a feature documentary, is a deep dive into the raw, edgy world of women’s prizefighting, seen through the eyes of the rising star, Alicia Napoleon, a glamorous boxer on a campaign to become the super welterweight champion of the world.

An exploration of the taboo subject of female rage, THE EMPRESS follows Napoleon through a string of upcoming title fights over the course of 2018 as it explores how Napoleon’s anger has fueled her dreams: in the ring her 7-1 record, five by knockout speaks to how she savages her opponents, yet out of the ring she uplifts women through inspirational messages of empowerment and self-love.

Capturing Napoleon's long quest to overcome the cycle of abuse in her family, THE EMPRESS speaks to the issues and concerns of our day -- the complexities of female violence and the fight for gender equality.

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