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Exodus Stories: Voices from the Caravan

  • Ilse Fernandez, Director/Producer

About the Project

Exodus Stories : Voices from the Caravan is the interwoven portrait of three Central American immigrants and their quest to be granted asylum in the United States. Fleeing from violence or political persecution, asylum is their last hope for salvation for each of these brave wayfarers. Follow their trek of thousands of miles, trudging by foot, riding by rail, or clutching for dear life on the back of an 18-wheeler truck. As the exodus unfolds, each migrant’s own voice explains the terrifying circumstances of their departure, and the hopes they have for their new life. Deisy hopes to connect with her estranged adolescent daughter. Denis left his native Nicaragua with only a moments notice and is torn between his past and his future. Cindy leaves her history of abuse behind in pursuit of a new home and community. Ultimately, the journey to the border is only part of the ordeal, their greatest obstacle remains gaining entry to the U.S. Awaiting their fate with next to no resources, desperation begins to set in. Some choose to put their faith into the asylum process, others to God, while a brave few take matters into their own hands...…