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  • RJ McHatton, Director
  • Bill Maxwell, Producer

About the Project

Award winning producer RJ McHatton brings us into the famous life of legendary test pilot Johnny Myers. Johnny's fascinating life as an entertainment attorney turned test pilot provides both intrigue and excitement. As an attorney he took on celebrity clients such as Bing Crosby, Gene Autry, Edgar Bergen and studios CBS and Paramount. During World War II and throughout the cold war Johnny Myer was regarded as test pilot extraordinaire. He test flew the P-61 Black Widow, the first successful American night fighter. He also tested the Northrop XB-49 flying wing. In 1944 he went to demonstrate the Black Widow (P-61) in New Guinea. Charles Lindberg accompanied him. Lindberg credited Johnny as the man who "saved my life". Gen. Chuck Yeager, the legendary test pilot who met Myers in 1945 as a young test pilot, said of Myers "He was about 10 years older and a role model for all of us pilots," "We always looked up to him." Having both Willard Rockwell and Jack Northrop at his door for their test programs Johnny lived his life to the fullest. This Historical Documentary captures the true essence of Johnny's Life both in the air and on the ground.