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HEROIC: Sabin Howard Sculpts the National WWI Memorial

  • Traci L. Slatton, Director
  • Kathleen Glynn, Producer

Sabin Howard stand in the middle of his sculpture studio surrounded by massive statues of charging soldiers.

About the Project

HEROIC: SABIN HOWARD SCULPTS THE NATIONAL WWI MEMORIAL is the story of one man’s superhuman quest to change the world with his monumental art.

This film is also the story of a race against time.

Master Sculptor Sabin Howard’s National WWI Memorial will change the cultural landscape of our nation’s capital, just as the Statue of Liberty changed New York harbor and the Lincoln Memorial irrevocably altered the National Mall.

A Soldier’s Journey is a sculptural relief depicting a soldier’s heroic yet devastating journey through the hell of the Great War. This 58’ long, 10’ high figurative masterpiece will be cast in bronze and installed in Pershing Park, Washington D.C. in 2024.

Given its scale and importance, this monument should take twenty-five years. But Sabin must put down his sculpting tool by December 28, 2023.

He has 4 years to sculpt 38 larger-than-life-size figures to the level of High Renaissance art.

At stake are his reputation, his livelihood, his body of work to date, and his future as an artist.