Hong Kong Documentary

  • Marianna Yarovskaya, Director
  • Paul Gregory, Producer

a woman in a mask and hat sits at a table
Image ID: a woman in a mask and hat sits at a table

About the Project

Personal stories of the women fighting for Hong Kong’s freedom
and democracy against communsist China, who stormed the streets to demand justice.

Fresh off their success of their Academy Award ®-shortlisted documentary
Women of the Gulag , Yarovskaya and Gregory will capture the essence of Hong Kong’s
recent struggle for democracy.

We have teamed with combat cameraman Michael Yon, who chronicled the first nine
months of the Hong Kong demonstrations in 2019 prior to his deportation.

The documentary will follow the stories of key individual protestors who tell, in
intimate interviews, the complexity and danger they face every day on the frontline
of this unprecedented movement in Hong Kong’s history.

The project is in development, and the team is in the process of filming and compiling a trailer.
The filmmakers have conducted first-round interviews, and the subjects who need to have
their identities protected have had their testimonies transformed into monologues
which will be read by actors.