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Inventing Reality

  • Andrew Kornhaber, Director/Producer
  • Eric Brown, Director/Producer
  • Matt O'Dowd, Producer
  • Bahar Gholipour, Producer


About the Project

In Inventing Reality, astrophysicist Matt O'Dowd leads us on a quest for fundamental reality. Guided by the most rigorous science and the latest evidence, we’ll travel to the edge of physics where our intuitions about space and time dissolve, and reality looks nothing like the world of our experience.

There, faced by the crisis of our stalled search for a Theory of Everything, we’ll explore the conceptual leaps that humanity must take in order to advance towards ultimate truth. We’ll be accompanied on this journey by brilliant minds who are pursuing the greatest unsolved questions in physics. And as these physicists chase reality downwards, we’ll also be guided by innovative thinkers who are seeking new paths forward in fields as diverse as neuroscience, philosophy, and even artificial intelligence.

In light of these strange new perspectives on reality, we will be forced to question many things—from the limits of knowledge and the future of science, to our place in the universe and our own human nature. Ultimately, Inventing Reality is a celebration of humanity’s incredible progress in science, and a call to unite on the cusp of a new scientific era.