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  • Joanna Kiernan, Director/Producer
  • Amelia Green-Dove, Producer


About the Project

At the age of 80 artist Robert Janz is at the height of his abilities. A lifetime master of the ephemeral, he plunges into the exploding street art scene in New York with his vision of continuity and change. The film follows him brazenly working in the daylight, evoking the most enduring aspects of life with his images of mountains, wild animals, and mythical beings, even as they are erased by the ceaseless processes of the city. Janz’s surprising history shows an artist who has repeatedly turned away from a conventional career path to follow his commitment to spontaneity, directness and interaction. "Janz in the Moment" is a feature documentary that explores Janz’s themes of flux and continuity, becoming a poem to city life and to creativity itself.