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  • Hal Masonberg, Director/Producer

About the Project

JAZZ NIGHTS chronicles an almost completely unknown moment in time involving a group of L.A.’s top jazz musicians who brought jazz history full-circle by forging a modern-day version of the forbidden Prohibition-Era speakeasy culture that jazz itself grew out of.

For two years, these premiere musicians congregated on Sunday nights at an illicit, back-room hash bar hidden in the heart of Hollywood. Once a week, these performers formed a circle, a coterie of non-verbal, intuitive communication. There were no pre-determined set lists, no rehearsals. Attendance was through word-of-mouth only. The result was an all-out exploration — both personal and communal — of what it means to be an artist and to passionately follow one’s heart.

JAZZ NIGHTS documents not only the music itself, which is exhilarating, hypnotic and revealing, but also the personal journeys of each individual, their fears and desires, their struggles, triumphs and influences. At its heart, JAZZ NIGHTS explores the emotive and mercurial backstory of jazz itself, its origins and relevance to both society and to the individual musicians who each have their own personal connection to this deep history of which they are now a living part.