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  • Peter Castagnetti, Director
  • Lara Jeremko, Producer
  • Ryan Rees, Producer

About the Project

Humanity, Technology and the American Dream.

Jobsolete is a feature documentary exploring technological unemployment and what it means for society at large.

Humanity innovating technology has created abundance and solved countless problems, which before that moment, seemed impossible. But now we are at a cultural crossroads. 47% of U.S. jobs are at high risk for automation in the next 20 years. These disruptions are projected to affect up to 1.2 BILLION workers and $15 TRILLION in wages worldwide. Currently, there is a dangerous lack of legitimate public discourse around this imminent and massive shock to our society.

Jobsolete seeks to activate broad audiences around a powerful cinematic experience exploring the deeper cultural issues at hand through the eyes of the everyday workers affected by these massive shifts. By intertwining the perspectives of futurists, technological innovators and industry leaders with intimate profiles of everyday Americans, we intend to raise awareness, inspire conversation and spark technological and cultural innovation toward the collective prosperity of all human beings.