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  • Jason Neff, Director
  • Jason Neff & Linda Ellman, Producer

"Jock" Documentary Film Poster. A sepia-toned image of jockey's racing horses with a color image in front of a young girl smoking a cigarette and wearing a jockey's helmet.

About the Project

JOCK brings a little known chapter of horse racing history to life in
a story-rich documentary about the first generation of female jockeys
who overcame sexual harassment, ridicule and life threatening
compromises to wage a gallant fight for the right to ride in the late
60's and early 70's. As we relive their unforgettable experiences, their
competitive spirit and passion for the sport is put to the test. For the
first time ever in history, eight retired female pioneers will embark on an
unprecedented journey to cross the finish line one last time. We'll
film those who still think they have what it takes, as they train and
try to overcame the aches and pains associated with age and prior
spills. We'll follow the successful jockeys' quest for victory all the way
through the dramatic race, to the winner's circle and beyond.