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  • Alyssa Fedele, Director
  • Zachary Fink, Producer
  • Chris Mathias, Producer

About the Project

Jr. Bull spends a year in the lives of America's top youth bull riders as they train for and compete in the World Finals in Forth Worth, Texas. In an extreme sport where helmets are optional and cowboy hats are preferred, these children develop a unique relationship to pain at a young age. Follow these bull riders in and out of the rodeo ring for a season of grueling training and unwavering discipline. Through intimate diary camera entries and unrestricted crew access, experience high school romances, after-school jobs and family dramas. All the while, these kids are dreaming of the rodeo ring. In the end, only one rider will win the championship buckle. It will all come down to 8 seconds on a 1400 pound bull.