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  • Larry W. Peter, Director/Producer

About the Project

This is the path to a world without war. As the threat of nuclear war increased and the campaign against terrorism changed the way war was conducted, Dr. Glen Stassen saw the need for a new ethical paradigm in conflict resolution. A physicist and professor of Christian Ethics, Stassen originated the practices of Just Peacemaking based on his experiences working with Dr. Martin Luther King in the 50's and 60's, and with the Reagan administration during the negotiation of the INF treaties. His ideas are responsible for the plan for destruction of Syri's chemical weapons as well as the ongoing negotiations for elimination of Iran's nuclear capabilities.

Just Peace tells the story of a small-town minister, Chip Jahn, who applied Dr. Stasse's concepts during the Sri Lankan civil war. Our documentary follows Chip through his experiences in the midst of the Sri Lankan war zone, his engagement of American and international leaders to bring attention to the war, and his role in bringing negotiators together to negotiate a cease-fire. Included are key interviews with Stassen, U.S. Rep. (retired) Lee Hamilton, and Visnivanath Rudrakumaran, the exiled leader of the Tamil insurgency.