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Keeping The Faith With Morrie

Angel Harper
Angel Harper, Documentary Film Institute

Morrie Turner, the pioneering African American cartoonist whose newspaper comic strip and television show reached millions of Americans with a powerful message of tolerance from the Civil Rights era that still resonates in an increasingly diverse society today.MORRIE TURNERPioneer Cartoonist - Humanitarian and Visual spokesperson for the Civil Rights MovementKeeping the Faith With Morrie is a documentary film about the life of Morrie Turner and his iconic multi-ethnic cartoon strip, Wee Pals. With the help of an animated narrator, Nipper, one of Turners most beloved characters, viewers get a glimpse of Turners’ struggles and triumphs in his quest to become a professional cartoonist in an industry that excluded people of color.  Frustrated with the racist caricatures of cartoons like mush mouth and Amos and Andy, Turner created a comic strip to counter the images that were being popularized.  It was the Civil Rights Movement and the death of Martin Luther King that gave Wee Pals its first newspaper syndication.  The Wee Pals comic strip brought a clear eyed but humorous depiction of race through the eyes of multi-cultural children. Turner’s story is part of a larger American narrative – the story of an ever-expanding, multi-racial nation grappling with free expression and identity in the most fundamental medium—the comic strip pages. Morrie passed away in January 2014. He as 90 years old.  His comic strip is to be continued by his grandson, Nathan, Wee Pals will take on a new voice and significance while continuing to illustrate American culture’s outliers. In 2015, Wee Pals will celebrate 50 years as a comic strip.
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Trailer: https://vimeo.com/user38582563/review/371229961/b3ff954c2a Password: MorrieComic Con 2012 Humanitarian Award

OR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yh4Odxa0Yjc&feature=youtu.be