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The Last Animals

Kate Brooks
Kate Brooks, Stephanie Soechtig

Just as the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, The Last Animals distribution/sales agent Kew Media International Limited (formerly known as Content Media Corporation International Limited) financially collapsed. Kew Media entities in the UK, U.S. and Canada went into administration after misappropriating filmmakers' royalties https://deadline.com/2020/05/kew-media-distribution-owed-14m-to-clients-..., nearly maxing out their credit facility with SunTrust/Truist and misleading IPO investors with misinformation that had informed shareholders' purchases. Grant Thornton, retracted all of Kew's audited financial statements going back to 2016 when it was discovered that Kew's financial reports could not be relied upon: https://realscreen.com/2020/01/15/kew-auditor-grant-thornton-llp-withdra... Soon after Canada enacted a permanent cease trade order against the company.

The Last Animals is sadly one of the hundreds of films that have been impacted; we received no royalty payments from our Netflix, Hulu licenses, iTunes, Amazon Prime amongst others since Q2 2019. Although The Last Animals terminated/rescinded our contract with Kew prior to administration, the administrators held the film as collateral against Kew's debt with SunTrust/Truist, though Kew did not finance The Last Animals or purchase the film rights. In response to Kew going into administration, Hulu and Netflix have cancelled their contracts with Kew Media, leaving The Last Animals and many other filmmakers in distribution limbo with huge legal expenses.

Many years were put into the making of The Last Animals and impact/outreach campaign that helped lead to changes in legislation around the world. As the film highlights, only through honoring nature and protecting the environment will the human species survive. It's been devastating to see the film disappear during Covid-19, a pandemic that is a result of wildlife trafficking and the inhumane treatment of animals. We hope to have the film back in full distribution in the coming months. In the meantime, we ask that anyone wanting to watch the film do so through our wonderful educational distributor. GOOD DOCS quickly adapted to the challenges of virtual learning https://gooddocs.net/products/the-last-animals and there are a number of streaming options in the drop-down menu.

Any and all donation would be hugely appreciated to help The Last Animals protect the intellectual property/copyright of The Last Animals, as registered with the U.S. copyright office. Under the CARES ACT charitable contributions are now 100% tax deductible: https://www.fidelitycharitable.org/articles/what-the-cares-act-means-for...

Thank you.

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