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LEANING OUT - An Intimate Look at Twin Towers Engineer Leslie E Robertson

  • Basia + Leonard Myszynski, Director
  • Basia Myszynski, Producer
  • Leonard Myszynski, Producer

About the Project

The leading structural engineer of the World Trade Center oversees the construction of the world’s tallest building, haunted by its fall ever since. Families of 9/11 victims and the engineering community demand answers. This unique bond with humanity solidifies his place in American history. 

A builder of iconic high-rises and cultural centers across the globe, it is Robertson's fight for human rights as a pacifist/activist that drives him and shapes the lives of others. Unfiltered collaborations with visionary architects. A powerful union with accomplished engineer and partner SawTeen See, the woman who emboldened, expanded and ultimately saved him. 

About wind engineering and steel, personal freedom and professional responsibility, the opportunities and the risks of “leaning out.” The portrait of a living legend with a perspective like no other on the planet, told by the guru himself and those closest to him.