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Lesson Plan

  • Philip Neel & David Jeffery, Director
  • Philip Neel, Producer
  • David Jeffery & Robert Del Valle, Producer

About the Project

The 196710th grade class at Cubberley High School was studying Nazi Germany when teacher Ron Jones informed them that they could achieve power by utilizing "Strength Through Discipline". Jones then extolled "Strength Through Community", suggesting that individual achievement be sacrificed for the good of the group. He named this class "The Third Wave". Quickly, the class doubled. Jones said "Strength is fine, now you must act," Banners were placed around the school, more converts were brought in. The class was told then they were part of a nationwide movement that would rise up at a rally to support a third party presidential candidate who would announce a Third Wave Youth Program to bring the country "a new sense of order, community, and action." 200 students crammed the lecture hall, riveted to a television set, waiting with rapt attention for a vision of their future.