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Let My People Vote

Gilda Brasch
Gilda Brasch - Michael Cartwright - Jaime Estades, Esq. - Scott Launier - Rev. Michael McBride

Voter disenfranchisement is real, and growing, in the United States.  In America's southern states, it's the painful legacy of hundreds of years of racial subjugation.  And unless the story is told, it’s not going away.

In this character-driven documentary, we follow the work of super-star activist, Desmond Meade. Desmond’s mission?  To assist people in exercising their democratic right to a vote - something our “forefathers marched and died for.”  

However, Desmond is himself barred from voting.  Although he repaid his debt to society for a drug conviction over a decade ago, even earning a Juris Doctor degree since parole, Desmond can’t vote, and is barred from practicing law in the state of Florida.

Thanks to Jim Crow laws from the 1800’s, Florida is 1 of 4 states permanently denying ex-felons a restoration of civil rights, despite completion of all sentencing requirements. “Come to Florida on vacation, leave on probation.”  Desmond tells us Florida’s legal statutes can slap you with a third-degree felony for something as unsuspected and minor as releasing a mylar birthday balloon.

The result?  Almost 2 million ex-felons, over 10% of the state’s adult population, are permanently disenfranchised.  They’ve served their time, they pay taxes, but their voices aren’t counted in the state that gave the 2000 presidency to Bush over Gore by a margin of just 537 votes. 

LET MY PEOPLE VOTE will follow Desmond as he leads the largest voting rights movement in America since the work of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. 

Musical artist and activist, Moby, contributed his new single “This Wild Darkness” (Mute Records), to the film. Partners include: AFL-CIO of Central Florida, Latino Leadership Institute, LIVE FREE Campaign, United Faculty of Florida at the University of Central Florida, Orange County Teachers Association, Black Youth Vote of FL & GA, and the International Documentary Association.


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