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Let Them Eat Cake

  • Alexis Krasilovsky, Director/Producer

About the Project

Pastriology is a horror documentary which takes a global view of the perils and pleasures of pastry. How can something that can make you sick and even kill you be such a sweet expression of cultural values and love? Pastry is a luxury for some; a fast substitute for meals for others; and in today\'s economy, it\'s a comfort food for more and more Americans at a loss. Pastriology takes a macroscopic view of those chocolate chip cookies, doughnuts, birthday cakes and baklava: their basic ingredients such as water, sugar and wheat increasingly involve battles between nations, wage slavery and starvation. Pastriology addresses the planetary emergency of too little food and the issues of its production, while seducing the viewer with the lavish traditions and beauty of pastry- and cake-making that call us back to the roots of our childhood.