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Looking for Rosey

Rees Candee
Slade Mead, Rees Candee and John Orchard

Looking for Rosy tells the untold story of Roosevelt Thompson, a Rhodes Scholar, who became the poster child underscoring the success of the historic actions of the Little Rock Nine. Rosey, while at Little Rock Central High School, emerged as a leader of his generation. Through his actions, spirituality, intellectualism and boundless energy, Rosey inspired both whites and African-Americans to embrace his goals and aspirations. Thousands across the nation were devastated when Rosey died instantly in a car crash at the age of 22. His death shook Arkansas to its core. Governor Clinton gave Rosey's eulogy as a tearful state said good-bye to its extinguished shining star. This is the story of Rosey's life, the void his death left, the re-emergence of his presence in the lives and actions of those who knew him, and the power and meaning his story brings to those who did not know him personally.

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