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  • Midge Costin, Director
  • Bobette Buster, Producer
  • Karen Johnson, Producer
  • Midge Costin, Producer

About the Project

"Sound is 50% of the cinematic experience" is a frequent expression of top filmmakers like Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, David Lynch, and Steven Spielberg. This documentary explores the history and artistry of cinematic sound design with legendary sound designers and their directors through interviews and clips from their movies. Walter Murch , Ben Burtt, and Gary Rydstrom, among others, reveal how their discovery and creation of sound dramatically intensifies the audience's immersive experience and emotions. This film also reveals the radical revolution in sound, born in the 1970s when a "quantum leap" in sound technology, spread from the world of music to be embraced by visionary filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick, Barbra Streisand, George Lucas,, and Francis Ford Coppola leading to a new Golden Era of Sound Design. Now, filmmakers all over the world, students, and scholars seek to understand how sound in cinematic storytelling actually works. This documentary will "unplug our ears," and awaken our awareness of how sound affects us in movies, and real life.