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Izzy Chan
Izzy Chan, Athena Kalkopoulou

Four females in four matriarchal societies—a mischievous Khasi Indian girl learning to lead; a bold Mosuo Chinese teenager deciding on her first “walking marriage” lover; a progressive Tuareg African mother torn between matriarchal clan life and modern city living; and a steely Minangkabau Indonesian grandmother protecting her legacy. Matriarch shows us what it’s like to grow up and grow old as a woman in a woman’s world.

However, time is running out. Matriarchal societies are “on the knife-edge of extinction” as “smart phones, tourism and the cash economy take over.” (Quote from the book Kingdom of Women.) There is an urgency to document the world’s last surviving female-led societies before their distinctive ways of life are lost.

Project Status: We're getting ready to start our test-shoot in April, 2018—follow us on social media to join us behind the scenes as we start this journey!

Photographer in Chief: Karolin Klüppel
Cinematographer: Kayla Briët

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