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  • David Zucker, Director
  • Luke Terrell, Producer
  • Benjamin Edelman, Producer
  • Susan Bedusa, Producer
  • Doug Tirola, Producer

Memphis laughs with Seneca on a yellow couch

About the Project

Memphis loves Seneca. He’s a millennial with severe cerebral palsy, and he wants to be a filmmaker and travel the world. Seneca’s an aspiring opera singer, living with her mom, deep in oil country. Seneca just wants to be friends. MEMPHIS follows five years of this unfolding relationship as it takes us from Texas to California to Italy and back, and illuminates the turbulent realities facing a young man with a severe disability as he strives toward independence, and of a young woman looking to escape the drudgery of small-town Texas. As financial responsibilities mount and Memphis’ crush threatens their friendship, Memphis and Seneca must forge new identities and attitudes towards sex, family, work, and life itself, clinging to their dreams of a brighter future.