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Military Nurses: They Did The Best They Could

Rona Edwards
Rona Edwards

War, especially in the 21tst Century, is not uniquely a male experience yet much of what's been produced about the military focuses on male soldiers, doctors and generals. It's imperative to capture the stories of women who as nurses served their country during times of international conflict. Inspired by PhD nursing candidate, Francie Bernier, whose mandatory history class assignment focused on her mother, Lt. Edythe Pallin, a nurse serving in the Pacific during World War II and who never spoke about the war with her family. Ms. Bernier's research led her to a much deeper understanding of her mother's life and inspired her to want to learn more about other military nurses and how much they told their children. Through her eyes, this documentary celebrates the courage and commitment displayed by military nurses and explores what it was about these wartime experiences that caused so many to bury their memories.

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