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Murder of a Trailblazer

  • Maggie D. Hickman, Director/Producer
  • Keenan Conigland, Director/Producer

Newspaper print covers the face of Alberta O. Jones

About the Project

"Murder of a Trailblazer" explores the riveting story of one of the most talented yet little-known figures in contemporary American history -- the late Alberta O. Jones. This three-part documentary series takes the audience on a riveting odyssey as it highlights the numerous accomplishments of this young, unheralded heroine. The ambitious, important project painstakingly explores the dangerous and volatile times in which she lived -- an era when segregation stood in the way of the nation becoming "a more perfect union."

As an African American woman, civil rights activist, prosecutor, and attorney to the famed boxer Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali, Alberta’s rising star was more than some could tolerate. And on August 5, 1965, her body washed up on the shores of the Ohio River just one day before the signing of the historic Voting Rights Act. Her brutal murder remains unsolved.

Alberta's story is the story of America's continuing struggle to reconcile the ghosts of its past and build on the legacy of those who paid the price for our freedom.