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My Japanese Garden

  • Andrew Burke, Producer
  • Associate Producer: Izumi Tanaka, Producer

Japanese Bonsai Tree

About the Project

"My Japanese Garden" is a one-hour public television program about the people, history and design concepts associated with Japanese gardens in North America. Japanese gardens have a universal visual appeal that transcends cultural barriers. Noted for their beauty, this enduring landscape style encapsulates almost two thousand years of history.

Who might create a Japanese garden and why? What can we learn from their experience? In this program we will meet five people from very different walks of life who have one thing in common: they are involved with Japanese gardens in one way or another. Our profiles will include: The curator of a public garden with thousands of visitors a year; an expert on the tea ceremony; a noted landscape designer; a craftsperson who creates garden fences, gates and buildings by hand; and the owner of a home made suburban garden.

The goal of this documentary is to introduce some of the individuals who create or admire Japanese gardens, to encourage an appreciation of this aesthetic, to demonstrate ways in which this style has been adapted to North American landscapes, and to suggest how these gardens can serve as a bridge between cultures. Please join us in supporting this program.