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The Negotiators: Bringing Peace to a Troubled World

  • Victor Buhler, Director
  • Victor Buhler & Mike Lerner, Producer

About the Project

Each year tens of thousands of people are killed, injured or forced from their homes as a result of ongoing conflicts. Global instruments and institutions of peace have occasionally delivered powerful results but, more often, the weakest suffer and the conflict lingers. Why do our governments spend billions on weaponry when money spent in the pursuit of peace and international development can be more effective diplomatically, socially and strategically?

'The Negotiators Documentary' travels to three of the world's most violent places - to the Middle East, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Afghanistan - exclusively to follow three negotiators working behind-the-scenes to ensure peace.

We inter-cut close and personal footage of three negotiators with testimonies from the world's most famous peace brokers, diplomats and journalists - with the aim of demystify and dramatizing the peace process for a general audience. International conflict is on the rise, often with a terrible and largely ignored cost for innocent civilians. 'The Negotiators' hope to tell the story of the business of peace today and to advocate for a more peaceful tomorrow.