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  • Margot McMaster, Director/Producer
  • Darrel Rowledge, Producer

two deers buck antlers in a river

About the Project

Truth, found through science is not just pure and uplifting, it can throw open doors to amazing advancements, life-saving breakthroughs, and the very essence of progress. Of course the corollary - ignoring or neglecting science - can lead to catastrophe. No Accident is one such story.

Over explicit warnings by scientists that domestication fosters and accelerates diseases, game farming was legalized in much of North America in the late 1980s. Epidemics emerged almost immediately. The latest is Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), an elk and deer version of 'mad cow.' Untestable, untreatable, unstoppable and always fatal, it quickly spread to public wildlife.

If this brain-wasting disease jumps to humans, as mad cow did, the implications are unthinkable. Unlike mad cow, CWD is highly contagious.

The emergence of CWD was no accident and is but one symptom in one of the greatest conservation policy failures in history.