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  • Tom Caamańo, Director

About the Project


NOW IS THE TIME is a 60 to 90 minute documentary film that takes place in one of the countries busiest Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) multi-disciplinary clinics; The MDA/ALS Hope Foundation at Temple University in Philadelphia. The documentary follows one of the most distinguished ALS specialists, Dr. Terry Heiman-Patterson, and her team as they practice multi-disciplinary treatment. 

The audience will shadow Dr. Heiman-Patterson and her team as they meet with multiple ALS patients throughout the day. The documentary will give viewers access to organized chaos, intensity and heartbreak of Dr. Heiman-Patterson’s day as she continues to be a warrior in the fight against ALS.

NOW IS THE TIME is a character driven documentary about one doctor and her team’s commitment to treat patients with ALS. The documentary follows Dr. Heiman-Patterson as she sacrifices her time to create more time for her patients.

Dr. Heiman-Patterson will meet with three patients at different point of diagnosis.  Patient one will be just learning of the ALS diagnosis; patient two will be in the middle of treatment; and patient three will be faced with the tough decision to move forward with a tracheotomy. 

Through a modern lens, viewers will get an uninterrupted experience as Dr. Heiman-Patterson helps patients and families deal with the toughest decisions of their lives.