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Our Chinatown

Curtis Chin
Curtis Chin. Kenneth Eng, Adam Wolman

For many Asian Americans, Chinatowns were the start of their families' American journeys. What began as segregated communities created to battle the discrimination and isolation they faced became places of essential support and services. It was where these immigrants first felt safe and at home. But many of the oldest Chinatowns are now threatened by gentrification, aging populations, and assimilation. This one-hour documentary pays tribute to five of the most beloved Chinatowns in America, showcasing local activists and community members who devote their lives to preserving these essential enclaves.


$5,000 or more - Public screening and q/a with director in attendance + all rewards below.

$2,500 to $4,999 - One-hour skype session with director + all rewards below.

$1,000 to $2,499 - Digital download of the film when completed + all rewards below.

$100 to $999 - Acknowledgement at the end of the film + all rewards below.

$50 to $99 - Acknowledgement on our official website.


Curtis Chin, Writer/Producer/Director

Kenneth Eng, Editor/Director of Photography/Producer

Adam Wolman, Producer

Currently in production.

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