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  • William Watson, Director/Producer
  • Joanna Kiernan, Director
  • Lisa Remington, Producer

Jessie hangs from the ropes of her sailboat, peering into the sunset over the horizon.

About the Project

State Trooper Jessie Osborn is called to check out a suspicious sedan on a remote Alaskan Highway. The brief encounter leaves one man dead and turns Jessie’s life into a nightmare. The incident explodes in the press and Jessie’s world turns upside down in a perfect storm of suspicion and spectacle. With the past continuing to haunt him, Jessie embarks on a perilous voyage through the fabled Northwest Passage, a labyrinth of treacherous sea and ice. Jessie keeps a cinematic logbook as the challenges mount. A journey that was planned for a few months stretches out into years, while a mesmerizing story of exile, love and redemption unfolds against a seascape of breathtaking beauty.