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  • Maranatha Hay, Director
  • Matt Turk, Producer

About the Project

A group of mariners' lives are changed when they find adventure, danger, and belonging on the high seas as they pursue their ultimate dream: navigating the western coast of the United States on an 18th century pirate ship replica.

Today there is still an adventure-shaped-hole in the hearts of our youth and the brave ones who can disconnect from their computers and smart phones long enough to fill it. Why is it that the thrill of the open sea still appeals to our generation? The discipline of keeping a ship, a rite of passage, and the wisdom to be learned from direct consequence allude to a yearning for the cultivation of character missing for modern day youths.

At first glance, seafaring may seem non-essential but in a time full of technological clutter, something simple, iconic, and timeless like the tradition of seafaring is something we cannot afford to lose.

'The Passage' is a plot-driven film for a general audience. Told through the eyes of a new recruit, this 90-minute, story-driven documentary will capture the adventures of the young crew on the Lady Washington and its sister ship, the Hawaiian Chieftain.

Although most of its crew members are eccentric they find a home on these vessels, frozen in time. Living without many of the comforts of home, the young sailors find it a small price to pay to live a lifelong dream: pursuing the thirst for adventure and the yearning to belong.