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From Place to Place

  • Paige Williams, Director
  • Matt Anderson, Producer

About the Project

From Place to Place is a feature documentary that spends two years in the lives of six young adults who recently aged out of foster care. At age 18 they were forced to leave foster care without the skills or support they needed. These kids, forced to become adults, have struggled profoundly to make the transition from foster care to independence. Their stories of trauma, abandonment, "foster care drift", and aging out provide a lens through which audiences see the effects of America's broken system and the urgent need for reform. With unprecedented and intimate access to the daily struggles of life post-foster care, From Place to Place humanizes the impact of what happens when temporary becomes forever. Life is not easy for the 30,000 kids who age out every year; "Its raw and its cold and its harsh and it will hit you hard".