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  • iNDIGO PROjECT MEDIA, Director/Producer

About the Project

In a time when communal progression and improvement needs to happen at a great velocity, PLANET PROGRESS brings ideas and resources into focus. PLANET PROGRESS is a documentary web series featuring innovative ideas that inspire people to alter their daily routines with new and unique ways that encourage personal growth and sustainability. A topic relevant to modern life is broken into four to five different segments focusing on various individuals and
organizations that represent an alternative movement within that topic. The topics explore different themes, such as mapping out
alternatives for commuters to travel from a to b, digging up answers to our future food needs, and discovering the options you have when you don't have health care insurance. The finished product is released as a five-minute documentary style video, along with a written article sent to our subscribers and uploaded onto its interactive project page on Please visit and subscribe on the Planet Progress website!