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The Power of Film

Doug Pray, Laura Gabbert
Doug Pray, Laura Gabbert

Howard Suber is one of the foremost minds in cinema that you’ve never heard of. Long before Howard Suber wrote THE POWER OF FILM, his lectures at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television were legendary for teaching the art of great film storytelling and instilling penetrating lessons for living a meaningful life. With humor, emotion, and brilliance, the principles Suber has developed and taught for over 50 years will now come to life in this six-part series.

This series distills some of the major discoveries Suber has made about the nature of “memorable popular films” – those works that were popular in their own time and have continued to be considered great works by later generations. Each half hour episode of the series combines conversations and public performances, and integrates dynamic clips from dozens of the greatest films of all time.