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  • Mary Ignatiadis, Director/Producer

About the Project

When a 100-mile transmission Corridor sparks a $100-million referendum campaign over America’s energy future, Ryan and Mary are caught in the middle. The historically controversial project starts near Ryan’s rural childhood home. His community opposes the project, only for Mary's urban friends and colleagues to accuse them of endangering climate action and economic growth. Ryan responds the only way the ultramarathoner knows how - he has to see the altered landscape for himself. He attempts to ski the entire length of the Corridor in a single push, heading deep into the largest undeveloped forest east of the Mississippi.

In preparing for his journey, the couple questions the common narrative of America’s rural-urban divide. Can Ryan and Mary tell a more accurate, hopeful story? Can they overcome the rural-urban divides that emerge in their own relationship? Will Ryan's athletic achievement be enough to overcome negative rural stereotypes, and inspire a clean energy movement that equitably includes and empowers rural communities?

Ryan and Mary embark on a year-long journey to unravel the controversy for themselves. They find the unsung leaders with real solutions for overcoming the rural-urban divide. Support the film to ensure that their actionable advice can accelerate America's transition to a just and sustainable future.