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Saving the City: Remaking the American Metropolis

Ron Blatman, Lisa Landers, Blair Gershkow, Stacy Waters, Joan Saffa, Rob Weiss

Saving the City is a multi-part documentary series with related educational material highlighting successful and unsuccessful examples of urban development throughout the US and Canada so that we can learn to create better places.

Programs are arranged by theme, not city, so we can compare and contrast what works and doesn’t work in different places. Telling stories about individuals and small groups making a difference, our goal is to empower citizens to more actively participate in their local communities and to demand better results.

Saving the City can be viewed as an antidote to the dysfunction in Washington and most statehouses by highlighting how the public, private, and philanthropic sectors are working together at the local level to get things done.

After watching Saving the City, you will never look at cities the same way again!