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The Science of Cures

  • Joe Gantz, Director/Producer

About the Project

Four years ago I finished my documentary, Ending Disease, about the first generation of clinical trials using regenerative medicine to create one-time cures for diseases. There are so many new clinical trials starting using regenerative medicine, and there is such a wave of anti-science happening, that I felt compelled to make a follow up film, The Science of Cures.

This is a remarkable moment in history when scientists are creating a paradigm shift in medicine, one-time cures, using stem cell, CAR T cell, and gene therapies. However, paradoxically science has become a flashpoint in this country and today there are those who take issue with these therapies, believing internet conspiracies over science.

The Science of Cures will follow the dedication of the top scientists who are devoting their lives to curing diseases, while also following the patients in their clinical trials, to show how the relentless pursuit of scientific breakthroughs is creating a future where many diseases will be a thing of the past. Showing this inspiring view of scientists will help bring the public back to trusting science and medicine. And without public trust in science and medicine, no amount of scientific innovation can be effective.