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Searching For Kikhia

Jihan Kikhia
Jihan Kikhia

Searching for Kikhia is the true story of a family’s fight against political pressures while searching for their disappeared husband and father Mansur Rashid Kikhia. The former Libyan Foreign Minister and peaceful opposition leader to Qaddafi’s regime is considered a hero in his Libyan and international communities. Mansur’s obsessive loyalty to Libya and determination to reason with Qaddafi ultimately led to his disappearance and death.During her nineteen-year search for her missing husband, Baha Omary Kikhia, a Syrian-American artist, encounters some of the most powerful and dangerous people in the world (including Qaddafi himself), while navigating the political agendas and conflict of interests of five countries: the United States, Syria, Libya, France, and Egypt. Baha, a mother of four, is forced to reckon with international secret service, tortuous mystery, and a clash of cultures, all while nurturing and protecting the family Mansur left behind.This documentary shares a recollection of memories and colliding truths from Baha, family members, friends, and important figures who were involved in Mansur’s case. Director Jihan “Jiji” Kikhia invites the audience on her journey to piece together the puzzle of her family history, discovering the abducted father she never knew, and unraveling her mother's quest to find him. Jiji explores the relationship of her parents, two pioneers at the center of political and personal turmoil, who risked everything for truth and justice.

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