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The Silent Goldens

Jonathan K. Bendis, Ruth Golden
Ruth Golden, Jamie L. Smith

The Silent Goldens is documentary about the unique grief millions of survivors of suicide loss face in the destructive silence that descends in its aftermath. Thirty years after a loving mother and wife took her life her daughter breaks the taboo initiating conversations with those who knew her mother best and share for the first time their own heartbreaking stories to create a path to healing.

I am Ruth (with the pigtails) and it was my mother who died by suicide.

Suicide is a problem in all cultures, classes, religions, and ethnicities yet the universal stigma, judgment, and shame those left behind face has not waned, keeping many survivors of these tragedies trapped, as I was, in their pain and silence. Our stories mirror each others' struggles to live a “normal” life of adult responsibilities and relationships over the years.

The film’s intention is to foster a better understanding of this terrible human experience, shedding light on the complexities of suicidal thinking and the unique difficulties these tragedies bequeath to those left behind. Film has always been a powerful way to broach difficult subjects and normalize public discussion and The Silent Goldens will initiate conversations that can help prevent suicides and create a space for those who have suffered this traumatic loss to share.

Our call to action is to start those conversations.

We encourage donations in memory of those lost to suicide and will contact all donors with more information about a website memorial page and end credits.
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