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The Skin I'm In

Broderick Fox
Broderick Fox, Associate Producer - Lee Biolos

A brush with death propels filmmaker Broderick Fox on a transnational journey which yields an extraordinary collaboration between himself and two other artists: Kwakwaka'wakw first-nations artist Rande Cook, and African-American tattoo artist Zulu.Fox candidly shares a history of self abuse, spiritual neglect and intellectual drive that fragmented his identity into multiple, compartmentalized selves. His story reflects a tendency of many young marginalized individuals who seek to reconcile socially-demanded roles with their personal desires.The film also documents the transformation of Broderick's body into a living canvas, as Rande and Zulu collaborate with him to produce his full back tattoo. The design, which brings together three Kwakwaka'wakw myths of personal significance, and the ritual of its realization mark a commitment to a more integrated approach to living.The Skin I'm In ultimately champions the personal struggle to define a sense of self rather than simply yielding to the status quo.