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José Enrique pardo
José Enrique Pardo, James Hollis

America is under attack from a crisis of male identity.  What will result: more flight from responsibility and a regression to macho defenses, or a step into a redefinition of manhood that integrates rather than segregates the so-called "feminine" within.

“Soulheal” examines the psychological, sociological and anthropological conditions that have created wounded men, unable to express emotions to others in a healthy manner. “Soulheal” delves into the relationship between this wounding and its manifestation - causing men to either internalize their feelings and succumb to substance dependency and depression or externalize their rage with senseless acts of random violence towards others.

"Soulheal" addresses the following questions. How and why are men wounded? How can they heal? What is the legacy of the patriarchy?  What does it mean to be a man in America?