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Staying Put Or Moving On

  • Kristi Denton Cohen, Director/Producer

A group of senior citizen women sit and talk

About the Project

The media platform, Staying Put or Moving On, considers these fundamental questions for seniors and their families: Where and how are we going to live as we grow older? Should we stay in our own homes as we age or should we move on to co-housing, continuing care retirement communities, assisted living or any number of other options?

Each choice has pros and cons: physical, emotional, social and — not least – financial. There is no “one size fits all” solution. With new ideas and technologies evolving all the time, one of the best ways to find the answers is to learn from each other’s experiences. What works, what doesn’t and why?

Anchored by character-driven short documentary films, Staying Put or Moving On achieves that by exploring housing and community designed for the largest population bulge in world history. In addition, outside articles, blogs, and links to other websites with relevant information are provided. Building a community through social media allows our audience to connect with each other and share their own thoughts and ideas. By utilizing these different tools, they can receive integral support and a deeper understanding of their choices.

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