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Daniel W Smith, Matthias Coers
Daniel W Smith

Tempelhof removes the mass mask of the refugees and migrants by showing them as individual persons (20 -25 interviews) through their stories about their lives, and their efforts to integrate into the West. There are two narrative trajectories.

One is based on the refugees as they describe their flight from fear, to hope, to determined physical effort, exhaustion, and then relief they survived their exodus.

The second is based on Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) staff interviews.  These stories reveal their family background is part of their motivation to assist refugees and migrants.

My access to the story and characters is based on my past work and travel. From 27 April 2017 through 8 August 2017 I traveled through the Balkans to conduct interviews.  I also served in Bosnia, Iraq, and Horn of Africa in the US Army.

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