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Ten Green Bottles

  • Bill Spahic and Anne Pick, Director/Producer

About the Project

A compelling story of one family's fierce determination to escape Nazi Austria in a desperate race for survival that ends in war-torn China. It is a journey of fear and hope that begins in the rich and sophisticated culture of Vienna, plays out over ten years in the exotic and dangerous city of Shanghai.

The film is based on the highly acclaimed book, Ten Green Bottles, by Vivian Kaplan, which recounts (in first person style) the compelling story of her parents' escape from Nazi oppression in Europe on the eve of WWII to the only place in the world that would accept them - the city of Shanghai. There they would have to rely on their wits and each other to survive. They are part of the little-known story of thousands of European Jews (Shanghailanders) who survived the Nazi Holocaust half a world away.