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Tikkun Olam: the Paper Clips story continues...

Joe Fab
Joe Fab

This sequel to the critically acclaimed "Paper Clips" revisits Whitwell Middle School as, ten years after their renowned Paper Clips Project began, the children continue their extraordinary journey of tolerance and understanding. They travel both literally and metaphorically from their small town roots in Tennessee, to South Africa to learning about Apartheid from Archbishop Desmond Tutu and ultimately to Poland to witness the horror of the Nazi death camps. Through these new experiences, they draw guidance from the philosophies of three diverse cultures: "tikkun olam," the Jewish maxim that mandates we repair the world; "ubuntu," the African description of the human condition: we are interdependent, and one of us cannot be happy, feel comfort, or know peace when those things are denied others; and from the students' own Christian tradition, "love thy neighbor."