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Tom Bradley's Impossible Dream

Lyn Goldfarb
Lyn Goldfarb and Alison Sotomayor

Thirty-five years before Barack Obama's election as President, the question of race and the possibility of crossing racial boundaries was put to the test in a remarkable, yet overlooked, story in American politics: Tom Bradley's historic election as Mayor of Los Angeles, the first African American mayor of a major city without a black majority. His unique coalition of African Americans and white liberals united a divided city, influenced two generations of policy makers and leaders, and laid the groundwork for inter-racial coalitions which encouraged the elections of many minority candidates nationwide. TOM BRADLEY'S IMPOSSIBLE DREAM is being produced by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Lyn Goldfarb and Emmy Award-winner Alison Sotomayor. The documentary will be more than a biography of an incredible man; it is the story of the challenges which face our cities and nation, the paradox of race, and the complexities of coalitions.