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Trumphobia: What Both Sides Fear

Carolina Sosa
Carolina Sosa, Nicolas Giordano

Trumphobia: what both sides fear is a feature documentary about the political division in the United States and how Donald J. Trump’s rhetoric increased that division with the help of the mainstream media. On one side, he gave strength and safety to his supporters and, on the other side, he imposed fear and anger on his opponents, which led to major confrontations, protests, and counter-protests across the country. Trumphobia analyzes the reasons for the political division, provides a moving description of Trump’s supporters along with the people who are most affected by Trump’s policies, and proposes empathy and compassion for all as a possible solution to the turmoil.

The documentary has the participation of the green party presidential candidate, Jill Stein, New York senator, Michael Gianaris, Berkeley professor of cognitive science and linguistics, George Lakoff, Ph.D. professor of psychology and social behavior, Peter H. Ditto, six hate crimes victims and witnesses from both sides, representatives of major organizations, many Trump’s supporters and opponents, and includes footage from more than thirteen debates, marches, and protests across six states.

People on one side were too comfortable to realize what was going on around them. Millions on the other side hid their thoughts because they were afraid of being judged. Now the former are terrified and the latter have an authority figure that raises their voices, and this is just the beginning of years to come.

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