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  • Byron Greenberg, Director
  • Oleg Tsvetkov, Producer
  • Byron Greenberg, Producer

Stylized close-up of a police officer looking down, with their hands on their head

About the Project

Law enforcement professionals spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with the uglier side of human existence. With over 250,000,000 calls for service per year and 200,000,000 other reportable contacts, they are tasked to address the disputes, injuries (intentional and accidental), robberies, rapes, murders, thefts, accidents, assaults, threats, and all other violations of the law and peoples. In short, they spend their days dealing with the public’s worst days. “Walking in darkness” is perhaps the best way I can describe it after working as a police psychologist for over a quarter of a century. This documentary is a real world look at the lives of those who have sworn to protect and serve in this capacity. There are no steamy sex scenes in the copy room of the station, no pyrotechnics or stunt men, just the facts, as unadulterated as they can be when seen through the eyes of a psychologist.