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  • Blaire Wayland, Director
  • Erin Willow, Producer

Image of a dog lying by the side of a road, with the words UNLEASHED superimposed on top

About the Project

There are few organizations that provide specifically for the needs of unhoused animals, though it has been proven that the human-animal bond provides companionship and purpose. We have spoken to a range of people with lived experience of the unique and life-changing bond between people experiencing homelessness and their pets and explored the benefits and barriers of keeping animals with their unhoused owners. The film explores the systemic barriers in homeless outreach, such as the lack of free care provided to pets who are beloved by their unhoused owners, and being unable to access resources intended for them because they have a pet. We find out how these barriers can be removed, who is already doing that work, and why it is a vital aspect of providing resources for those experiencing homelessness.